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The Best of Works4Me: Halloween Activities

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Works4Me is a free biweekly e-newsletter, showcasing practical classroom tips written and submitted by the readers themselves. Below are a few of our favorites on Halloween activities, lesson plans and resources.

  • Cheesecloth Ghosts
    Your elementary students will love this Halloween craft activity. All you need is cheesecloth, small gourds, wax paper and glue; then follow Ms. Hlavin’s directions for this spooky delight.
  • Cemetery Studies
    Plan a day-long field trip to a local cemetery. Find out Ms. Prather uses this fun Halloween outing to teach about local history and community.
  • Integrated Pumpkin Activities
    A creative teacher suggests some fun ways to celebrate and learn about Halloween with a multi-disciplinary unit of study. Find out how she uses pumpkins, Fibonacci, and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, to throw the perfect Pumpkin Party!
  • One-Minute Flash Mobs
    This teacher worked with students to develop an impromptu Halloween dance routine based on Michaels Jackson’s Thriller dance.
  • Pumpkin Geography
    Ms. Croff takes advantage of the October pumpkin harvest to bring hands-on geography to her students.
  • Spider on the Floor
    Ms. Perry uses inexpensive spider rings to complement this read-aloud activity that gets young students moving and signing while learning about spatial relationships and prepositional phrases.

Looking for more? Check out our list of selected Halloween activities, lessons, and resources by grade level.



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Lessons & Activities

Halloween Lessons, Activities & Resources

By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer

Make your own turnip lantern, carve a virtual pumpkin, and download patterns for state-of-the-art pumpkins. Have fun this Halloween with the following lessons and activities.