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Word of the Week I

Found in: language arts; researching; spelling; vocabulary

On Monday morning, a student takes a turn choosing a word from the dictionary - a word he/she does not know but understands the definition once she/he reads it. This becomes the Word of the Week, and it is posted immediately on an 8 x 3 inch card.

Half-sheets of paper are passed to each student and before Friday, all students must write the word, define it, identify its part of speech, indicate its pronunciation, write a sentence using it, and illustrate it in color. These are submitted a the 'chooser' on Friday and taken home to be 'evaluated.'

I made up a checklist to keep track of who does it and who does not, but they are ungraded. The evaluating student takes the role of teacher and is encouraged to make positive comments or indicate omitted parts on each paper. The comments are recorded on the checklist and returned on Monday. The Word of the Week card is added to a growing string suspended around the classroom.


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