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Welcoming Students to Your Classroom

Found in: Back to School, Building Trust and Community

Elissa Graga: I make full-color tri-fold brochures introducing myself, the subject I teach, a brief overview of the program, and ways parents can reach me including my classroom extension, email address, and teacher website. I give it to my students on the first day of school in addition to my paper packet. I have found it to be a great tool for parents as it can be posted on their fridge for easy reference.

Linda Sue Hansen: I wrap up colored pencils with gift wrap and a bow. Each student has a welcome gift on their desk with a piece of drawing paper, which is  theirs all year.

Laurie Fay: I send postcards before the first day with our school mascot, a bulldog, on them. And on the first day I give them a "Middle School Survival Kit." I teach fifth grade so it is students' first year at middle school and I want them to feel comfortable and safe.

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