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Weekly Goal Setting

Found In: setting & achieving goals

I just started this new idea called “Our Weekly Goals.” On Mondays, I have each of my seventy 4th-grade students write down a goal for the week on Post-it notes. Each of the three different classes uses a different color Post-it. I use sticky tack to make sure that it stays up on the wall. The “goals” are left up all week long to remind the students of the goal that they want to achieve for that week. I even write my own goal.

Some student examples are:

  • I will make an “A” on my test this week.
  • I will listen when the teacher is talking.
  • I will write neater.
  • I will not be distracted.

Students write their goal on their assignment sheet, so that their parents will know what goal they are trying to attain. I tell them that the goal must be “attainable.” On Fridays, we discuss whether or not the goal was reached. There will be some kind of reward to encourage them to seek “attainable” goals. We discuss how important it is to set “goals.”



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