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Walk and Talk Exam Prep

Found in: Review and Test Prep

Here's an idea that works with highly social students preparing for their final exams. I clear the room, divide the students into two groups, and form an inner circle and outer circle facing each other. Each student is given a card with half a dozen questions and the answers. Student A, facing Student B, asks a question and either verifies or corrects student B's answer. Student B then asks Student A a question and follows the same procedure. Then one circle moves to the right (or left) and the process began again.

If the classroom is large enough, you can use very long lines instead of circles. The kids enjoy being on their feet, and they are preparing for an exam the next day, so that gives them incentive to pay attention. I just walk around with a clip board in my hand, silently making notes. (i.e., who's being especially helpful) then award points for the day accordingly. Otherwise, I try not to intervene in the process.



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