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Write Stories with Toontastic iPad App

Found In: written composition, oral reading, technology tools

detail of toontastic iPad appI use Toontastic, a free app on the iPad created by Launchpad Toys to create a place for students to have their writing come alive in the form of cartoons. Toontastic allows students to create a quick 5-minute cartoon complete with music, pre-made or creatable backgrounds, and characters. Students narrate the cartoon, which has been a great way to introduce quotation marks and inflection in oral reading. When students come to quotation marks in their writing, they must change their voice to that of the character speaking and speak as that character.

Toontastic provides a platform that lets students develop the set-up, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution of a story. The app defines these terms and uses them in the story to help students follow along. Also, each scene is shown in a small box connected by a thread that rises and falls with the action, providing a visual for students. The cartoons are also shown during open house as part of our “movie night.” This lets students present their work without having to stand in front of a large group and still receive great feedback.



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