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After School Detention

Found In: discipline, tracking behavior

I created a check sheet, like some elementary school teachers, in order to track student behavior. Three checks or more for any inappropriate behavior of the course of a given day earns that student a detention. If they earn 10 checks or more by the end of the week, they will receive yet another detention.

Detention is held Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes after school. They are set up through the office, and teachers are assigned their 3 detention assignments at the beginning of the year. We fill out the detention slips, and students must attend. If they do not show up, it then becomes an office referral. No extra time is taken out of our schedule.

In the four weeks we have been doing this, the inappropriate behaviors have greatly decreased. It’s not perfect, but we are seeing progress. We are hoping to discontinue the checklist use by Christmas break (fingers crossed!).



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