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Act More, React Less, & Always Plan Ahead

Found in: New Teachers

  • The school year is well underway, but any educator can still make adjustments to avoid feeling overwhelmed in the classroom. NEA Today asked teachers for their best tips to help their colleagues be successful all year long.
  • Be kind to custodians. They have the keys to everything and know where the good cast-offs are stored. (Caroline Gonzalez, Ohio)
  • Plan, plan, then make backup plans. There is nothing worse than no plans ... it gives students the chance to make their own plans. (Sandy Carbone, Florida)
  • Take care of yourself. Do those things that are good for you. Don't sacrifice your health or your family. (Robin Heckman Nunez, Florida)
  • Don't try to "cover" every bit of the curriculum in your first year. It will overwhelm you. (Chris Mattox)
  • Make deliberate choices about what to prioritize and spend your time on those things. (Sara Ketcham)


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