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Weekly Sanity Schedule

Found in: paperwork

At the end of the school day the amount of work that a teacher takes home seems endless. To keep focused, I designate different nights of the week to different purposes. For example, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are for marking, Tuesday and Thursday are for planning and organizing upcoming units, Friday is TGIF no-work-day and Sunday is my day to renew. This prevents me from procrastinating and I seem to accomplish more by knowing my focus ahead of time.

A wise teacher recommended that I stick to a 90-minute homework time every night so that I don't get behind in my work. I increase it to two hours when I have to prepare for a report. When something comes up and I have to take a night off, I don't feel burdened because I've kept up. I subtract school meetings and inservice time from the 90 minutes to keep my life in balance.