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Saving Paper

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To reduce paper use, I do the following:

* I laminate pretty laser papers and papers that I embellish with stickers, punches, stamps, and computer clip art. I post messages on these papers, using markers that can be erased so the papers can be reused.
* I use backs of paper for short notes and quizzes.
* I copy enough tests for one class and have students write answers on their own piece of paper.
* I laminate chore charts with my students' names so that when a student needs to be reminded about an assignment, I write it on the laminated chore chart with a marker that erases.
* Eventually all students will have E-mail addresses at home and at school and will be able to access anything I send them (absentee assignment or praise notes etc.).
* I tape a copy of each handout on the wall. Students who lose papers can copy the handout by hand or borrow it and pay 25 cents for the office to copy it.
* For some assignments, I design computer templates. Students complete work and save it in the correct folder, while practicing computer skills. We do not print it. While a student watches, I evaluate the work on the computer.
* I have students peer-edit each other's work before printing it.
* I use transparencies whenever possible, rather than copying lots of handouts for students.


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