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Recycling Student Supplies

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At the end of the year, many students do not want to save their old school supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, rulers, erasers, pencils, paper, and other items. In many cases, these items just get thrown out at home. The school’s weekly parent newsletter explains to parents options available to students if they choose to participate in our recycling school supply program. We place cardboard boxes (the same ones in which our copy machine paper is shipped) in each hallway and label them clearly for each item. The last two days of school, the children may contribute to the supply boxes. Usually the boxes for crayons, colored pencils, and markers fill up quickly. We asked which teachers or staff members need extra supplies and those requests were quickly filled. The surplus supplies were donated to area agencies and preschools. We also chose the best supplies for needy students in our school. Hope this sparks an idea for your school.


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