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Organizing Borders

Found in: bulletin boards; routines & procedures

Storing bulletin board borders from year to year, even month to month, can be a hassle. Try this: Separate borders into seasons, themes, etc. Lay the borders down on a long table or even the floor. Make certain that they all face the same direction, patterns mirroring patterns. At the top of each border, punch a hole in each border so that the holes are aligned. Using either shower hooks or individual loose-leaf rings, slide the borders onto the ring. Hang the ring from hooks inside a closet door or from hangers. You can easily remove your borders by theme, color, or season.

One last touch is needed to help your borders stay in place. Place a large paper clip at the bottom of each sleeve of borders to keep them from shifting from side to side and getting tangled with other sleeves of borders. Along with keeping your borders tangle free, this storage method saves wear and tear on your borders, and helps locate the perfect bulletin board border. It works.


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