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Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Each year, around Thanksgiving, I teach a lesson about helping others and how important it is to give to people in the community who cannot provide for themselves. I ask students’ families to send non-perishable food items that we can give to the needy through a local organization. I have always felt it is important for students to know what they have donated individually and to see how much there is collectively when donate together.

I have had students draw pictures of their canned goods and put them on a bulletin board. However, this year, I hung the canned goods and other food items from the branches of a six-foot tall wooden cutout of a tree I have in my classroom. We call it “Our Giving Tree”. It is a concrete way for students to see the contribution they are making.


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Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom

By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer

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