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Filling a New (or Veteran!) Teacher's Stocking

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I can't claim to be the originator of all of these ideas for stocking stuffers. Many of them I've collected from others through the years, while a few have been born of my own experiences. 

  • Facial tissues that contain lotion – great for cleaning most chalkboards and won't leave any residue.
  • Shaving cream – cleans desks while students may “finger-paint”  in it to complete math problems or other practice items. 
  • Small spray bottle – stores water necessary for clearing water soluble ink on overhead projectors.
  • Pieces of green plastic 2-liter soda bottles – when cut into shapes, these make great highlighters and pointers for overhead projectors.
  • Hairspray – for the obvious as well as for removing ink from clothing.
  • Safety pins and bandages – may cut down on students' trips to the nurse. 
  • Hard candy – the Lifesaver metaphor is always a hit.



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