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Cheesecloth Ghosts

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To make a cheesecloth ghost, I spread out two long pieces of wax paper so that they’re slightly overlapping, and I tape them to a counter so they won’t move. I spread out the same number of toilet paper tubes on the wax paper as I have children, and I place a gourd upside down inside of each tube. I use four yards of cheesecloth to make the ghosts, which I cut into 14x14 squares – one for each child.

I pour lots of glue into a large rectangular foil pan so that the glue covers the whole bottom, and I add a ¼ cup of water. My children soak the cheesecloth in the glue until it’s completely saturated. Together, we open the cloth as much as it will stretch out so that it remains square. We drape the cheesecloth carefully over the gourd to center the cloth. The children write their names on the wax paper next to their project and let it dry for twenty-four hours.

When they’re dry, the students squeeze the gourd away from the cloth, and it keeps its shape. The children glue on plastic eyeballs and an insect. It looks just like a ghost!


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