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Attendance Pictures

Found in: lunch time; record keeping; routines & procedures

On the first day of school, I take each student's photo and print out a 2 inches by 1.5 inches picture. I glue the student's name and class number on the bottom of the picture, laminate it and attach a magnet to the back. On the front board, I write the class numbers and space them out so the pictures can fit on top of the numbers. As students come into the class each morning, they place their pictures on the magnetic board. They also place a post it flag indicating if they are purchasing a hot lunch. There are different color flags for different lunch choices. Lunch count and attendance are taken care of right away, without any time taken from the morning. I can also see at a glance who is absent, because they are the only pictures left that are not displayed on the board. Subs love this because they can see who the kids are!


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