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Assignment Books

Found in: parent-teacher communication; routines & procedures

“I use assignment books not only to remind students of their homework and test dates, but also to help parents keep abreast of what is going on in their child's classroom. Each student receives a new shiny printed assignment book on the first day of school and by the end of the year it has become a journal of classes. Not only assignments are noted by the student (in pencil), but I include a brief note about what the child did in that subject for each day (written in ink). At the beginning of the year I note everything on the board which each student copies, but after a few months, the kids get together themselves for a few minutes each day, compare notes and write any missing info which may be anything from 'bring a shoe box tomorrow for social studies' to 'sub in math.' Of course, there is also room for me to write comments (often positive) to parents.


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