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Assigning Student Numbers

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Keeping up with school supplies, calculators, books, etc. is no longer a chore for me nor my students. Each student on my roll is assigned a number, as the students appear on my roll (the numbering allows me to use the same system year after year while using names would not). The first student is 1 and numbering continues downward to the last student. All items (books, calculators, rulers, scissors, glue, workbooks, etc.) available for student use have that number printed on it with a permanent marker. Students cannot claim an item that does not have their number on it. Students soon relate the numbering to alphabetical order and also learn each others' numbers which allows prompt return of misplaced materials. This system also requires students to be accountable for those materials. No one gets blamed for having another student's box of colored pencils or literature book. As the school year closes, I have more items returned than in previous years when not using this system and the year has been trouble-free with locating assigned supplies.