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Art Club

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When I volunteered for this position at my local middle school (grades 4-8) where my children attended, I met with the art teacher in hopes to offer the students projects that they had not been exposed to in class. This meeting gave me a large number of choices, from which I created a survey to hand out to the students on our first meeting day. I organized visual examples of the types of art on the list so students could choose what they might find interesting. The students' choices were spread out over the school year culminating in an art show put on by the art teacher and myself. I must confess that I had a very wonderful parent helper that was artistic and had some gifts to share with the students. We often took turns teaching/sharing with the students, and there were two of us available to assist and supervise students. There was a group of 20 or so students who attended off and on throughout the year. For me it was a labor of love . . . science may be my first love, but art is my second. It was one of the most enjoyable activities I have ever done. I have all my material if you need anything.


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