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Acquiring Classroom Books

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I work at a school that has a transitional bilingual program implemented in Grades K-5. We use the same curriculum as the English-speaking students. For silent reading or guided reading, many times it is easiest to use titles that mirror what the English-speaking classrooms are using.

Two great companies for ordering books are Lectorum and Rigby. Both of these companies provide English/Spanish versions of the same book, which makes classroom instruction easier when you have both languages represented in your classroom.

Also, I would suggest buying the DRA kits put out by the Pearson Learning Group. You can find more information for ordering at This kit helps assess students' reading levels and is mostly used in Grades K-3. They sell two separate kits, one in English and one in Spanish. This would be helpful for assessing students in both languages in comprehension as well as phrasing and fluency. I hope that helps!


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