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Absence Notebooks

Found in: homework; make-up work; parent-teacher communication

To help my students stay organized and responsible for work following an absence, I keep an extra copy of my school's agenda/planner in a notebook near the assignment board. One of my classroom helpers is the “Teacher's Assistant,” whose job is to update this planner every morning with the day's assignments.

Whenever a student is absent, work is passed out to that student's desk with his name written on top. At the end of the day, the Teacher’s Assistant collects the work and places in the agenda/planner. When the absent student returns, s/he knows where to go for assignments and any papers that were distributed the previous day.

This notebook serves as a completely assembled notebook, representative of what students should keep at their desks. This also is a great resource for when parents come for conferences. I can show the notebook, and parents can see how the students' notebooks are supposed to be organized.




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