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A HyperStudio Book Report Project

Found in: arts; computer lab; language arts

The sixth grade reading teacher and I collaborate so that our students read the book 'From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,' do vocab, and discuss the story in her reading class, while we do follow-up or extension activities in English. Near the end of the book, we do a HyperStudio project that would also work for PowerPoint. Fortunately, I can teach mini-lessons on HyperStudio when I have the students in computer class before we do this project. The topic of the project is famous artists in history, since several artists are mentioned in the book AND the children hide in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each student draws the name of an artist from a hat and researches that person. After compiling and organizing the information in complete sentences and paragraphs, we start putting everything together in HyperStudio. Students must have a title card with his/her name and the artist's name, artist personal info card, artwork info card, and a bibliography card - with a minimum of 4 cards. We scan in pictures of the artist's artwork to be included on the required cards or on additional cards. Students must add captions about the artwork. The cards must also have a contrasting color theme that is used on every card (dark background/light text or vice versa) that is easy to read. Sounds and animation can be used as long as they are appropriate and do not distract the viewer. When the projects are finished, each student must present his/her project to the class. While watching and listening to the presentations, the other students each list 3 facts presented about every artist. During our spring conferences, students also show their parents their artist projects when they visit one of the computer labs.


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