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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Preparing for and Conducting Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Parent-teacher conferences can be stressful, for you and the parents, but with proper planning and organization you can lay the groundwork for a production relationship that will benefit the best interest of the child. Explore the following resources for advice on getting the most from your parent-teacher conferences.

  1. How Can You Deal With Angry Parents?
    We present advice collected from seasoned classroom veterans, from NEA members who posted their ideas on our discussion board, and from Jerry Newberry, head of the NEA Health Information Network, who used to train teachers to work with parents.
  2. Parents in the Picture
    Often the lone volunteer in her sons’ classrooms, Amy Anderson used to make assumptions about the other, missing parents —that they didn’t care, or that their priorities were somehow out of whack. That was before she met Lorelei...

Works4Me Tips

Practical advice written by readers of our popular Works4Me e-newsletter for other teachers.

  1. Parent/Teacher Conference Preparation
    Nine steps to a productive parent-teacher conference, from Judy Bonfilio, a retired fifth grade teacher. 
  2. Getting Parents to Conferences
    What to do when parents are not required to attend conferences, from Julie Woletz, a business education teacher at Cambridge High School in Cambridge, Wisconsin.
  3. Student Comments for Conferences
    How to enlist your students as partners in your preparation for parent-teacher conferences, from Michele DeBerry, a second and third grade combination teacher, in Ft. Meade, Maryland.

More Strategies for Building Effective Parent Partnerships


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