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Science Lessons

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Williams College Center for Learning in Action’s Science Lessons offers K-5 science units with K-2 covering general science and grades 2-6 focused on specific topics like river science, matter, weather and the water cycle, energy, waves, and adaptation & behavior. All units contain sub-units. Lessons list standards. All links lead to word documents, PowerPoints, or PDF files.

Under Kindergarten Science, are 7 sub-units with 4-6 lessons each. Unit #3: Fall Observations and Animals  ( PDF, 300 KB, 10 pgs.) has four lessons that ask students to make seasonal observations and explore camouflage, migration, and hibernation. In the first lesson, students observe a set area and make predictions about how its appearance will change with the seasons. A worksheet is included with sections for each season to record notes and make drawings.

The 3rd Grade Matter Unit, has ten lessons with additional activities. The third lesson, Introduction to Sates of Matter asks students to observe, describe, and draw different states of matter and observe and record what happens when different types of matter are mixed.

The 5th Grade Adaptation and Behavior Unit  has 13 lessons that culminate in a research project on animal adaptations. Lesson #7 is a simulation, How Does Adaptation Happen? in students record, graph, and analyze the results, and make future predictions based on habitat changes.


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