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Teaching With The News

Found in: social studies; 9-12

Teaching With The News is a free curriculum component of The Choices Program that connects grade 11-12 social studies content to headlines. Teaching With the News units include lessons and supporting resources. Teachers can sign up on the Mailing List to be advised when new materials become available. Lessons and resources link to larger teaching packets that can be purchased.

Three of the most recent lessons and resources include:

  • Negotiating Climate Change: Paris 2015 Students examine the need for, and challenges associated with, creating an international agreement on climate change. The lesson includes links to articles, videos, news sources, and supplementary resources as well as extra cross-curricular challenges.
  • Resource Guide on the Terrorist Attacks in Paris is an annotated list of online sources on the events of November 13, 2015, media coverage, the Syrian Civil War, terrorism, international politics and responses, and sensitivity in the classroom. Some links provide lessons.
  • Refugee Stories: Mapping a Crisis examine the current refugee crisis by mapping data and exploring personal accounts of refugees. Among many other resources and materials, this lesson links to Life on Hold by Al Jazeera, a collection of refugee stories.

Scholars Online Videos are brief videos in which scholars answer questions in their fields. Tips for using the videos are provided in How to Use Scholars Online in the Classroom Videos are organized under subject heading and Teaching with the News, which includes lessons. Debating U.S. Drone Policy Students analyze issues surrounding the use of drones. Three videos address why drones are used, how effective they are, and why they are controversial.


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