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Best of Works4Me: Thanksgiving

Quick Ideas for Celebrating the Holiday

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Works4Me is a weekly e-newsletter, showcasing practical classroom tips written and submitted by the readers themselves. Below are a few of our favorites related to the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Writing 'De-Tails'
    With this creative, Thanksgiving-themed writing activity, Ms. Hurd uses a large, paper cutout of a turkey to illustrate how the main idea and support details work together.
  • Thank You Acrostics
    Students in this German foreign language class write their own word puzzles; extension activities transform the puzzles into great refrigerator art.
  • Getting in the Spirit of Thanksgiving
    Ms. Blanton uses a variety of activities (creative writing, historical research, a classroom cookbook) to help her students get into the spirit of the holiday.
  • Students Prepare a Thanksgiving Feast for Their Parents
    Ms. Wilson’s project-based learning activity incorporates science, social studies and math activities, plus a field trip to the store. Kids have fun learning, and parents reap the rewards.
  • Notes of Thanks
    This letter writing activity embraces the spirit of Thanksgiving, but it’s also appropriate for other occasions – or no occasion at all.
  • Log Cabins
    This fun arts and crafts project for young children shows them how to make a log cabin with common items found at home and school.
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
    This community service project engages the entire class in helping others. Extension activities focus on arts and crafts projects that beautify your classroom.
  • Thanksgiving Service Project
    Ms. Roker’s students enjoy a class party each year during Thanksgiving, but they must learn the value and satisfaction of giving prior to receiving the party.
  • Giving at Thanksgiving
    This arts and crafts project doubles as a community service project, helping students learn about Native Americans and the spirit of giving.
  • Children's Handprints
    We're all familiar with the turkey handprint for Thanksgiving, but Ms. Murphy says the handprint can be used EVERY month's theme! Read about her tip here!


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This Thanksgiving weekend, StoryCorps will work with teachers and high school students to preserve the voices and stories of an entire generation of Americans. The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national assignment to engage people in the act of listening, and the pilot project is specially designed for grades 7-12 across the curriculum.
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Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom

By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer

Celebrate the Thanksgiving season in the classroom and at home with lessons, quizzes, activities, games, trivia, books, and movies for all grade levels.