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Getting Straight to Work
It’s easy to be organized at the beginning of the school year, butthe paper and projects soon pile up. Here's a tip to help you keep a clutter-free classroom right from the start.
Gain the Respect of Students, Parents, and Peers
Being genuine with students can help teachers earn their respect. Ms. Messing's tip spells out the importance of just being YOU.
Goodies For Good Work
If you want to reward your students with extras, you're probably painfully aware of the out-of-pocket expenses. Here's a great way to reinforce good behavior in students that won't cost you a penny!
Give Students a Brain Break
When her students get antsy or noisy during transitions or after they’ve been sitting too long, educator Kate Hahn gives them a “Brain Break.”
Getting the Family Involved
Do you have a hard time finding face time with parents? Ms. Postman offers creative suggestions for when, where and how to meet parents and get them move involved.
Grading Group Projects Fairly
Ms. Cashell explains how she grades group projects fairly, making sure that each student in the group pulls his or her own weight and that both individual and team efforts are rewarded.
Getting-to-Know-You Writing Project
On the first day of class, Ms. Fedderke combines a getting-to-know-you activity with a writing assignment. This quick diagnostic tools allows her to learn about her students and their writing skills.
Group Vocabulary Games
Learning vocabulary CAN be all fun and games. This educator's students have a great time creating a lesson from some of their favorite board games.
Mixed Gifted Teaching
Ms. Cahill teaches a mix of gifted students and students with other ability levels, and read a book that helped her set up lessons to challenge any and all students. She shares it with you, here.
Graphic Report Presentations
Assigning a book report can get a collective "ugh" from your classroom, but this tip may get students more motivated to perform. Read about it here.
Grabbing Students’ Interest
Ms. Matway makes her own videos, assigns her students the roles of detective, newscaster, CEO, or anything else it takes to motivate them for a new lesson plan or assignment.
Greeting at the Door Puts You in Charge
Here's a tip that establishes you in charge, modles respectful interaction, and establishes a good connection to each student.
Glitter Germs
Not all that glitters is gold! In this tip, what glitters is GERMS! See how you can demonstrate to students how easily germs can be moved from one person to another - with an activity they will love.
Good Read for New and Veteran Teachers
Ms. Fryar read a book that helped her maintain good relationships with parents by being more confident in her communication with them. Now she wants to share it with you!
Going Green Review
Ms. Buckbee has a nifty review activity that not only helps her assess student learning but also makes great use of laminating scraps that might otherwise end up in the trash.
Guidelines for Discouraging Cheating
Here are some guidlelines gathered by an educator who wants to help you stop cheating before it starts.
Gallon Man
Help students learn measurements and equivalencies with a colorful diagram you can hang on your wall. Increase retention and raise the fun quotient by having students draw their own.
Generic Message Labels
Stickers get used up so fast that Ms. Davis needed a back-up plan for rewarding students. Here's what she did that her students love just as much!
Geography Dictionaries
To help her students learn geography vocabulary terms, Ms. Edwards tried something that empliys students' creativity and it worked for her! can it work for your learners? Read about it, here.
Geography Skills
Mr. Nemeck's tip shows students just how much they've learned over a unit of study. Read about his creative idea see if it can work in your classroom.
Get Creative with Lining Up
Ms. Durgin-Clinchard was tired of asking her students to line up by gender, so she found some more creative ways do it. She even takes it a step further by using these groupings to teach about her similarities and differences.
Getting Acquainted
Here's a back-to-school tip to help break the ice between students and teachers alike. Ms. Morgan's tip teaches a way to begin a conversation and paves the way for getting to know each other.
Getting Everyone Organized
How can you expect your students to stay organized of your classroom is in a state of disarray? See how this educator learned how to get everything in order!
Getting Folders Ready
Ms. May's high schoolers are given a folder to store their work, so students stay organized. Best of all, the folders help Ms. May in a hurry when parents come to visit.
Getting Parents to Conferences
At Ms. Woletz’s school parents are not required to attend parent-teacher conferences, so she developed a unique incentive to boost turnout.
Getting Students' Attention
Here's an interesting way to motivate your learners: read about Mr. and Mrs. Beyer's activity that starts before students even enter the classroom!
Getting Students' Attention with Chimes
Having trouble getting your students to settle down? Ms. White's tip may be music to your - and your students' - ears!
Getting Tape Off I
Laminating your posters can make getting tape off the backs of them very easy, but there are always a few that just won't un-stick. Ms. Stern says the solution is as simple as drying your hair in the morning. Read about her tip here!
Getting Tape Off II
Posters for your classroom are not cheap. And taping them to the wall risks ruining them. But here is Ms. Brooks' tip to the rescue - to save your posters and your pokcetbook.
Getting Tape Off III
Want to keep posters on walls all year and still remove them easily for the summer? Read Ms. Pierce's tip and see if can work for you!
Getting Tape Off IV
Here's another trick for getting posters taped up to the wall securely while keeping them intact when you take them down.
Getting Tape Off V
Removing posters from your classroom wall can be a pain. Before you pull the tape off the back and risk tearing the poster, Mr. Hendricks has a tip that will help you safely store your posters - and you don't even have to remove the tape!
Getting to Know You II
At the beginning of the school year, Ms. Easterling feels it is important to let the students know about her and vice-versa. See how she accomplishes both - without using words!
Getting to Know You I
The first day of school can be frightening for younger students. That's why Ms. Jones employs a "magical" activity to start the year off with a smile and even a few giggles. Read about her tip here!
Gift Bags Serve as Practical Decorations
Like many people Ms. Stoklas has a surplus of gift bag. And like many teachers, she struggles with organizing and decorating her classroom. Find out how she organizes, decorates, and finds practical use for all those gift bags.
Gingerbread Houses
Ms. Crisafulli has a method for building gingerbread houses with her kindergartners. Using a small milk carton, a piece of heavy cardboard, and an assortment of candies, snacks and cereals, her students take a hands-on approach to holiday decorating.
Giving at Thanksgiving
This arts and crafts project doubles as a community service project, helping students learn about Native Americans and the spirit of giving.
Thanksgiving Service Project
Ms. Roker’s students enjoy a class party each year during Thanksgiving, but they must learn the value and satisfaction of giving prior to receiving the party.
Thanksgiving Food Drive
This community service project engages the entire class in helping others. Extension activities focus on arts and crafts projects that beautify your classroom.
Giving to the Class
Ms. Kelley's first-day-of-school activity is the gift that keeps giving. See how she gets her students to start thinking about acts of kindness from day one.
Tidy, Cost-Effective Glue Usage
Here’s a handy idea that saves on glue waste, keeps work areas neat and makes children responsible for cleaning up their own glue containers.
Gluing Posters
Ms. Thomsen was having troubles affixing posters to cold brick walls - until she discovered this tip!
Goal Notebooks
Ms. Jaastad has a great way to keep parents connected to students' work and progress. Best of all, sudents are involved in this process. Read about her tip here!
Golden Can
At this school, classrooms are awarded a prize for keeping the neatest room. Learn how this simple incentive has helped build community, foster an understanding of shared responsibility, and made a huge difference in the appearance of their building.
Good Attitude Award
With so many students getting recognized for sports and/or academics, Ms. Toccket had created an award for good attitudes! Read more about her tip and why it means so much to her students.
Good News Calls
Usually a phone call to parents is a sure sign of a problem with a student. But in Ms. Oleske's class, it's all about praise, and best of all, the student gets to deliver the good news!
Good News Postcard
Building a postive relationship with parents is essential. Ms. May lends a great tip to help you start off on a postive note!
Good Typing Skills
Finally, a way to stop students from looking at their keys when learning to touch type! See how Ms. Fielder makes it work for her.
Goof Off
Want to make your posters sparkle like new AFTER you take the tape or glue off of them at the end of the year? Ms. Merrill advises a product called Goof Off - see why, in her tip, here!
Grade Privacy
Ms. Samson protects students’ grades from prying eyes when she passes back their papers with a single, simple trick.
Grading Categories
When a computer is not handy, Ms. Ross can tell at a glance the category to fill in a makeup grade or help a student understand his/her average. She how she does it!
Grading Math Homework
Math textbooks usually include answers for odd problems, so Ms. Trujillo-Cortellese assigns both odd and even problems. To check the work, she has her own process as well. Read about her tip and see if it can work for you!
Grading Notebooks
Ms. Swartz offers an objective way to quickly grade notebooks, and students do the legwork! Best of all, it saves her lots of time. Read about her tip here!
Grading One Class Per Day
Are you tired of spending your entire weekend grading piles of papers? This teacher shares a tip on how she took back her weekend and cut down on time spent grading.
Graduation Celebration
Ms. DeLong plans end of the year play/graduation ceremony where students make scenery, have costumes and memorize play parts. Read more about her tip and why parents and kids love it!
Graffiti Day
Discover how Mr. Stillwater reviews units of study by letting his students “graffiti-ize” the room. This activity combines review study with creative thinking and artwork. Students have just as much fun with the cleanup.
Grammar Got Ya!
Ms. Dott has a favorite book for teaching and reviewing grammar. The book serves as the basis of a daily routine that helps student practice sentence writing, review grammar and mechanics, and further develop their vocabulary.
Graphing Gingerbread
Ms. Harsh's kindergarteners get a "sweet", cross-curricular lesson with this gingerbread tip. Sweetest of all, eating a snack is part of the activity!
Great Grade Chain
Ms. Skain has a nifty project that gives her students an opportunity to show off their academic accomplishments. The result, as the year goes on, is a Great Grade Chain that bonds the class together.
Green Eggs and Ham
Ms. Kuneleman's class really knows how to celebrate reading! Read about her tip to get students, parents and thecommunity excited about Read Across America.
Green Light
Ms. Gibson’s math students must get the green light before they can complete a given assignment on their own. Read about what they must do to pass go and win the green rewards for doing a great job.
Greeting Cards
A new teacher's first day can be daunting and nerve-racking to say the least. Ms. Rhodus has a thoughtful tip for you to help your new colleage feel welcomed and less anxious.
Greeting with a Smile
Start your first day of school with a smile or two. Or maybe a few dozen. Then throw in some stickers. Ms. Garrett's liberal use of smiles forms the basis of this first-day-of-school routine that helps her set the right tone for the entire year.
Group Rewards
Kids love to earn prizes, and Ms. Augusta has provided some excellent advice that works for her. See if her tips can motivate your students!
Group Roles
Need to work in groups but can't avoid the popularity game? Ms. Slappey was having the same issues, until she came up with these ideas. See if her tips can work for you!
Group Work
When assigning pairs or groups of students, there will inevitably be complaints about who is grouped with whom. Ms. Leibeidz uses those gripes as a teachable moment with some sound advice about their future.
Grouping Chart
Do your shy students have trouble finding new partners for group activities? Best friends who always pair up? Solve both problems with a “Group Chart” that organizes and tracks group work, and puts your extroverts and introverts on equal footing.
Grouping Students
Here's a creative way to assemble productive groups of students. Read about Ms. Lovell's idea that incorporates the days of the week into her successful grouping tip!
Growing Gifts for Moms or Dads
In the fall, Ms. Conner's class begins a study of plant growth and propagation that culminates in the spring with wonderful Mother's Day gifts.
Growing Pineapples
Treat your class to some winter citrus. It might take up to seven years to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but as this teacher and her students know: pineapples CAN grow in the mainland!
Ms. Ross measures her students' height in the beginning of the year and the end of the year. Each time, the students participate. At the end of the year, they see how they've grown in more than just inches.
Guest Speakers
Every week, Ms. Bock chooses one of her students to bring in a guest speaker on Friday afternoon. From family members to people in the community, the kids learn why certain subjects (like math!) are important long after your school days.
Guest Teachers
Missing aday of teachiing is bad enough, but returning to a bad report from the sub, too? Ms. Babb has a whole new approach to good behavior toward subsititutes and it starts with giving them a new name. Read more, here.
Guided Reading and Literacy Centers
Ms. Albert shares how the five literacy centers in her classroom help small groups of students learn independently and effectively – a helpful strategy when she must focus instruction on a specific student or group of students for longer periods of time.
Guided Reading Throughout the Year
Ms. Zeisloft applies a two-semester approach when it comes to teaching reading. Best of all, there's a cross-curricular compoment that encourages students to collaborate while they learn.
Guidelines for Student and Cooperating Teachers
Thoughtful advice from somone who's been there: key factors for student and cooperating teachers that Kathy hopes will make your upcoming year together a little easier.