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Pokémon GO Scavenger Hunt

Use this gaming craze to introduce students to important resources and features of the school library.

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The Objective:

To capitalize on the engagement of the Pokémon GO app game, students will use digital devices and QR codes to explore the Library Media Center and discover important sections, features, and resources, and also reveal hidden and very rare Pokémon.

The Methods:

First, I took pictures of 10 different locations around our Library Media Center, then using a Photoshop template I super imposed 10 Pokémon (some very rare!) as if they were crouching, hiding, or sleeping in those locations. Then I created 10 QR codes, which the students could scan using my devices or their own device, using Google URL shortener linking to those photos on Flickr.

The Resources:

You can find all of my printable worksheets and QR codes in two different sizes are available to take and use at my website. (You also could consider a non-digital version without QR codes by printing out the Pokémons from my Flickr gallery and posting them around the library in key locations.