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NEA Partners with StoryCorps To Record the Voices of a Generation

Teacher toolkit helps educators encourage students to record stories as part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

 As families gather together during Thanksgiving weekend, NEA, in partnership with StoryCorps, is calling on teachers, students, families, and communities to capture the stories and wisdom of a generation. The Great Thanksgiving Listen asks students and educators to pick a grandparent, neighbor, or family friend over the age of 65 to interview using the StoryCorps app and publish over the Thanksgiving weekend. To help you, StoryCorps has created a free 2018 Teacher Toolkit. You can Get the Toolkit and share it with your school.

 “I am encouraging my students to take part in The Great Thanksgiving Listen because I believe in the power of our stories. Every person has a story, and every person has a right to have their story heard. We become a part of each others' stories when we have the capacity to share them and learn from them.” — David Bosso, Connecticut Social Studies Teacher.

Teachers are invited to join our StoryCorps Classroom Teacher Group--a place for educators to connect with each other, share The Great Thanksgiving Listen lesson plans and experiences, and communicate directly with the StoryCorps team.on Facebook:

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