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Being a K-12 teacher can be demanding. Where does one find the time to grow and develop one's own teaching competency? Is there a way to learn efficiently in those pockets of time between other tasks and responsibilities?

This is why there are a lot of K-12 teachers who are thankful for e-learning courses. And that is how one of the national K-12 e-learning companies was founded.

Ellen Paxton, MEd and National Board Certified Teacher, and the Chief Learning Officer at Professional Learning Board.

Professional Learning Board (PLB) is the brainchild of Ellen Paxton, MEd and National Board Certified Teacher, and the Chief Learning Officer of the national provider of online teacher continuing education and professional development for teachers and schools. A teacher herself, Ellen found people like herself trying to find convenient PD workshops that wouldn't consume their time. One always had to leave behind something to focus on their own learning. There was a need to be efficient and to be able to complete a course whenever one liked - like after putting the kids to bed at night, or over the weekend. PLB was created nearly ten years ago with this vision in mind to provide teachers with quality professional education online.

Ellen convinced her husband to leave his job and join her at Professional Learning Board. Now the CEO of PLB, he has played an important role in establishing the company and building it to where it is today.

There were challenges though, according to Ellen, who had to convince others, at a time when there were hardly any online courses in the teaching field, that online learning would be effective for K-12 educators. Getting the word out to teachers was a challenge too. But once teachers began enrolling into the courses, they kept coming back for more. Teachers who enrolled had access to the course material for a life-time, apart from other handy resources the courses provided. Those who took the courses played a pivotal role in letting other teachers know by word-of-mouth. Professional Learning Board course hours help K-12 teachers keep up their teaching licenses. The courses also are user-friendly with content that is transmitted in a helpful, useful way to the users.

“I’m honored that the NEA Academy has recognized the quality of Professional Learning Board courses through its rigorous Quality and Content Review Board process.” Ellen continued, “The NEA understands that professional development of teachers is critical to helping students succeed and we’re glad to be a part of commitment to student learning.”

Professional Learning Board has many courses for the teaching community. Ellen credits the team at PLB for their competence in developing course content that is research-based and rigorous while remaining approachable. She draws her inspiration from teachers committed to seeing students learn; teachers working hard in the classroom, teachers working as school administrators, teachers who have retired and yet work as substitute teachers, and so many others. Teachers in the end, need to be students and students also can be great teachers. She believes that both students and teachers need to make learning a continuous improvement process. This is the philosophy that drives PLB in being a leading provider of continuing education and professional development for teachers.

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