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Seven Ways to Talk to Your Students

Veteran educators offer advice on creating a positive learning environment.

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Educators set the tone for their classrooms--through their words, their body language, and their actions. All three can be powerful tools to create an atmosphere where students are relaxed and receptive to learning.

This e-book explores the ways teachers can use words and actions to model behavior, offer feedback and praise, communicate through body language, engage in conversations, avoid power struggles, use humor, connect electronically, and handle difficult life events that affect the classroom. The information comes from educators like you, who have come up with practical, tried and true methods to communicate with students in ways to actively engage them in learning.

No special e-book reader is required!

This e-book is a PDF and is readable in most web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, on your computer, and on other digital devices, including many smartphones. Choose from a high-resolution or low-resolution file below.


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