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Eight Classroom Disrupters

How to Handle Behaviors that Disrupt Teaching and Learning

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Are the characters in your classroom driving you crazy? Our new e-book can help.

Our 11-page downloadable PDF file looks at the eight student behaviors most likely to derail your lessons and presents strategies for helping students get back on task. Links to further resources online are also included.

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8 Classroom Disrupters: Getting Them Back on Track
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last updated: November 5, 2012

It’s vital for new and veteran teachers alike to build their repertoires to include tactics for handling behaviors that disrupt teaching and learning. These classroom management skills are essential for not only maintaining your sanity, but also ensuring that each of your students can be successful.

With these ideas, you can help the Chatterboxes or Time Wasters get back to what matters most: learning.

No special e-book reader is required!

This e-book is a PDF and is readable in most web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, on your computer, and on other digital devices, including many smartphones. Just click the image above to download your copy.


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