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Classroom Beautiful - Karen Fichter

Zebulon Gifted and Talented Magnet Middle School, Zebulon, North Carolina

Found In: classroom setup

A trailer is a little more difficult to "decorate" than a traditional space. However, especially with English language learners, it is important to have items relevant to the unit currently being taught in the middle school classroom.

To that end, I have vocabulary words the kids have made into "4-corner" posters—each poster has a word, the definition, a sentence, and a picture on it. They can refer to them throughout the unit as they read to help them understand.

I also put up reading or writing strategies for the students to use as they read.

I post a calendar, and put current items next to it (such as pictures from our field trips).

Finally, I make sure that I post a schedule of events or agenda for the day for the class to refer to, including content and language objectives and homework assignments or project due dates and reminders. Not only does that help the students know what to do and what they will learn for the day, but it keeps me organized and on track!



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