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Classroom Beautiful - Jason Hubler

Louisville, Kentucky

Found In: classroom setup

“I want it to be a place kids feel comfortable in and like going to,” he says of his masterpiece classroom.

His advice for getting neat stuff for your room? “Don't be afraid to say, ‘Can I borrow this? Can I use that in my classroom?’

“You’ll be amazed what you can get just by asking.”

We’re not suggesting you try to recreate his digs—for one thing, he did this in a double room, much more space than you probably have. For another, it took him many years to put it together. But we hope his example will inspire you to create a classroom that works for your students and fits your personality and teaching style.

Here are two features of Hubler’s room: the amazing collection of comic books that he uses to motivate readers, and the math mummy.

What does the mummy have to do with math? The connection is pyramids (as in Egyptian). This one's a “pyramid of probability.” When you drop marbles into the mummy's mouth, they come out a hole in its neck and tumble down following random paths, collecting at the bottom in roughly a normal distribution. A lesson the kids will definitely remember!

Other things to look for when viewing Hubler's classroom are his cutouts of words. He packs his walls with large words--quick reminders of what he's taught. They're mostly in ones and twos, not long sentences, so kids glancing around can take them in.

He also knows how to do whiteboards on the cheap. His is floor-to-ceiling bathroom paneling, costing a mere $20 a sheet.


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