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The Best of Works4Me: Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Works4Me is a weekly e-newsletter, showcasing practical classroom tips written and submitted by the readers themselves. Below are a few of our favorites on parent-teacher conferences.

  • Getting Parents to Conferences
    At Ms. Woletz’s school parents are not required to attend parent-teacher conferences, so she developed a unique incentive to boost turnout.
  • Helping Parents Help Their Child
    Mr. Wilson avoids problems, conflicts and power struggles with parents by finding common ground with them: their child’s success. His parent-teacher conferences are critical to establishing that common ground.
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Preparation
    Ms. Bonfilio recommends a nine-point checklist to help you best prepare for and conduct parent-teacher conferences.
  • Student Comments for Conferences
    To prepare for parent-teacher conferences, Ms. DeBerry has her students complete a worksheet in which they evaluate their learning goals and progress. Find out how she does it and how she uses these worksheets as the basis of her meetings with parents.
  • Starting the Parent-Teacher Conference Dialogue
    Ms. Sanders offers advice for conducting parent-teacher conferences at the high school level, including a question she always uses to start the conversation with parents.



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The New Parent-Teacher Conference

By Alain Jehlen, NEA Sr. Writer/Editor

What’s the secret to getting parents to your parent-teacher conferences? Their kids, for one.


Reaching Out to Parents

Parent involvement is key to a child´s success in school, so it's frustrating when parents are unengaged in their child's education. How do you contact hard-to-find parents? Share your best ideas!

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