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Discipline - Order in the Classroom!

Maintaining Discipline

Found in: Classroom Management

Maintaining discipline is one of the biggest challenges educators face. Check out these NEA tips and tools to get your classroom in order.

Beginning of School

  • School Rules -Teaching rules and routines early in the year means more time to teach later. 
  • Creating a Place to Learn -Whether you're a beginning teacher or a veteran, you must set the tone for a well-managed classroom.

After a Few Months

  • Rate Your Classroom Disciplinary Processes - Identify areas for improvement.
  • Maintaining Discipline (PDF, 87KB, 2pp) - Promote the right classroom climate, handle conflicts, and win respect. (Courtesy of Kansas-NEA)

Throughout the Year

  • Break It Up! - Few situations are as challenging as student fights. Here are suggestions to calm tempers and stay safe.
  • You're in Control! Right? (NEA Today, August 2008) - Even if you've had a bumpy start, you can still tackle discipline problems.
  • Signs of a Calmer Class - Use visual cues to communicate quickly and quietly with your special ed and regular ed students.

2 Habits of Highly Successful Teachers

When effective teachers were asked to select characteristics that best described them, the top two responses were organized and flexible. Find out how these two traits help the pros deal with these five hot spots:

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