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Research Spotlight on E-Learning for Educators

NEA Reviews of the Research on Best Practices in Education

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What effect is e-learning having on teachers' professional growth? Volumes of information exist on the impact of e-learning on the K-12 community, but very little qualitative or quantitative research is available on the impact of e-learning on adults.

Here are some links to the current research on the latter:

  • Theory and Practice of Online Learning (Chapter 1) & (Chapter 2)—This book engages educators in the debate over whether the technology delivery system or the design of the instruction improves performance. Terry Anderson, Athabasca University, 2004.
  • Teaching and Learning Online: Pedagogies for New Technologies—This guide to teaching and learning online presents a wide range of experience and research findings from leading practitioners and organizations around the world. John Stephenson, ed., 2001.
  • Research Reports (UW-Madison Distance Education Certificate Program Web site)—A variety of research reports on professional development resources in distance learning and e-learning for both the novice and veteran e-learner.
  • Barriers to Distance Education—These articles discuss survey results and case studies on organizational barriers to distance education and training. Zane Berge.


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