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NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me


The NEA Bullying Prevention Kit

Designed by educators for educators, this kit reflects the best available research on bullying prevention:.

Funded in part by the Gill Foundation.

"Bullying prevention: We’ve moved from denial to determination, now it’s time to deliver."

"I hope to never hear an educator or a parent or a Sunday School teacher say to a frightened bullied child, 'Just ignore it.' Schools that are seeing a decrease in bullying are not ignoring it.  They are acting."
--Lily Eskelsen Garcia

 Every state has an anti-bullying policy, and 49 states have an anti-bullying law. Learn about your state’s anti-bullying policy or law here.

New Bully Free: It Starts With Me poster now available:
( PDF, 115 KB, 1 pg.)


Take the Pledge:

Take the pledge to change school climate and let’s make our schools Bully Free!

Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools
(PDF, 1.16 MB, 68 pgs.)

Student Bullying, the Brain and Bonding

What research tells us about long-lasting brain damage in bullied students, and why educators should take it very seriously.

  • Bullyfree Poster in Spanish