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NEA is deeply committed to supporting our educators, community members, students, and families who support immigrant students and their educational endeavors. Below are some of our resources to help inform and empower you as activists.

Our nation’s broken immigration system is causing fear and distress for our students, their families and our communities – and educators are witnessing it firsthand. In addition to parents, young students are also being randomly picked up by ICE in some parts of the country.  Nationwide ICE raids are sending shockwaves through a population of students who already suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. As deportation fears rise, some schools are reporting a drop in attendance. In addition to parents, young students are also being randomly picked up by ICE in some parts of the country.

Educators are standing up for their students who they serve every day in our schools by demanding the release of detained students and that the raids cease.

Educators are also supporting commonsense immigration reforms that:

  • Address the millions of students and young adults who were brought here as children by their parents. America is strengthened by holding onto DREAMer students who love our country and are contributing to it.
  • Preserve family unity. Growing numbers of public school students live in fear that our nation’s immigration policies will break up their families, forcing them to choose between their country and their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
  • Create a realistic path to citizenship for the aspiring citizens who call America home and ensure a fair process that takes into consideration what these new Americans contribute to our country.


If you do not currently have DACA and are considering whether to apply for it for the first time, we recommend that you not do so at this time. If you already have DACA and are considering whether to apply to renew it, immigration authorities already have the information on your original application, so there is less risk in submitting the renewal application.

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In an anti-immigrant election season, defiant educators build a bridge for America’s undocumented students (

In the midst of a nasty election season where the mocking chant “Build that wall” has become an anti-immigrant anthem, educators and immigration rights activists have ramped up their support for America’s undocumented students.

Educators save one student from gang violence and deportation, lose another – and vow to keep fighting (

 Educators who have been racing against the clock to save two more North Carolina students from imminent deportation are contemplating a bittersweet victory today.

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