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Know Your Rights: Legal Guidance for Worker Protection

Guidance from NEA's Office of General Counsel on workers' legal rights on the job.

Know Your Rights: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act was the United States’ first disability civil rights law. It prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in programs that receive federal financial assistance, like public schools. This guidance describes the protections that Section 504 provides and outlines the process for raising a complaint of disability discrimination or retaliation in violation of Section 504. Read the guidance here.

Know Your Rights: Harassment and Discrimination

toolkit cover NEA created this toolkit aimed at helping members identify and respond to discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In recognizing that discrimination and harassment can have a negative effect on teachers, education support professionals, administrators and students, NEA believes that educating its members on how to assert their rights when faced with potentially unlawful employment actions is an important service. Download the toolkit. (PDF icon PDF, 750 KB, 25 pgs)

Protecting Our Students' Civil Rights

In the face of federal civil rights rollbacks and threats, educators, parents and students are organizing to adopt school board policies that strengthen student protections. Get inspired by educators and students making change in their communities and find model policies that will empower you to ensure all students’ right to a safe and affirming school.

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