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NEA Summit for Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Amplifying Excellence through a Community of Innovation and Collaboration

The NEA Summit for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) will be held Nov. 2-4 in Washington, D.C. Teams of HBCU leaders, faculty, staff, alumni and students (seniors and graduates) who seek to invest in the future of HBCUs through renewed collaboration should plan to attend.

Register your team now for the HBCU Summit here.

The summit's theme is Amplifying Excellence through a Community of Innovation and Collaboration, and it seeks to place HBCU sustainability and advancement of HBCU missions on center stage. We will strategize around echoing what we do well, fostering collaboration through institution-to-instution and corporate partnerships, sharing resources, and anchoring the future of HBCUs in a global academic landscape.

HBCUs are dependent—more now than ever—on our ability to advocate for ourselves; to pursue entrepreneurial initiatives; to engage in collaboration; and to expand education through online learning, research-intensive undergraduate programming, community-based learning projects, and increased fellowships and post-doctoral research opportunities.

NEA seeks to create and provide the opportunity for institutional stakeholders to work as teams to create synergy internally and to build quality relationships with other campuses. As NEA has distinguished itself as a leader in education advocacy and the promotion of qualify schools, NEA will make available its resources to help shape the future of HBCU graduates.

For information on registering teams to join us for this inaugural HBCU Summit, contact James Sledge at

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