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Ensuring Safe, Welcoming, and Bias-free Schools

Resources for educators, students, and families to counter hateful rhetoric and foster positive dialogue.

"Now more than ever, we must double our resolve to bring people together and focus on building a future for all Americans where their dreams outweigh their fears and hope smothers anger and hate. We are stronger together and we will never give up on what we hold dear."
--NEA President Lily Eskelsen García

Top Stories

Countering Bias in Schools

10 Myths About Immigration Unravel misconceptions about immigrants and immigration with this short list. (middle and high school)

Using Photographs to Expose Anti-Immigrant Sentiment This structured lesson helps students analyze hot-button media messages safely and expertly. (middle and high school)

An Educator’s Guide to the Immigration Debate The guide and accompanying toolkit provide background knowledge and tips for teaching about the history of immigration in the United States. (high school)

Julia Moves to the United States In this story, younger students will read about Julia’s experience immigrating to the United States. Includes a a student interview activity. (elementary school)

Extreme Prejudice Grow your students’ religious literacy and understanding of extremism. Includes a toolkit with student activities and a related webinar. (high school)

The Truth About American Muslims This guide will answer your students’ questions about Sharia law, religious clothing and whether Islam is a political movement. (high school and adult)

Religious Diversity Webinars We teamed up with the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding to produce this on-demand webinar series for teaching about religion across grade levels. (professional development)

Lesson on Religious Clothing These lessons help students learn the significance of traditional religious clothing and its meaning to the people who wear it. (all grades)

Zahrah’s Hijab To inspire your students’ empathy, share the story of how Zahrah responded to teasing about her hijab. Free registration required; then search for “hijab” in the Central Text Anthology. (elementary)

Sikhtoons Sikh cartoonist Vishavjit Singh uses art and humor to challenge people to see the person beneath the turban. Free registration required; then search for “Sikh” in the Central Text Anthology. (upper elementary, middle and high school)

Safe and Affirming Schools: Tools for Positive School Climate

Toolkits to Make Your School Bully-Free
Be a Bully-Free leader and take action in your school with these online toolkits for teachers and education support professionals. Learn how to identify bullying, intervene, and advocate for bullied students to ensure and safe and welcoming school for all.

GLSEN’s Ready, Set, Respect! Elementary Toolkit
We all want students to feel safe and respected and to develop respectful attitudes and behaviors. GLSEN developed Ready, Set, Respect! to provide tools to support elementary educators like you with these efforts. The kit provides a set of tools that will help you prepare to teach about respect and includes lesson plans that can help you seize teachable moments. The lessons focus on name-calling, bullying and bias, LGBT-inclusive family diversity and gender roles and diversity and are designed to be used as either standalone lessons or as part of a school-wide anti-bias or bullying prevention program.

GLSEN's Safe Space Kit: Be an ALLY to LGBT Youth!
Designed to help you create a safe space for LGBT youth in schools, the Safe Space Kit is GLSEN’s Guide to Being an Ally to LGBT Students. The guide provides concrete strategies that will help you support LGBT students, educate about anti-LGBT bias and advocate for changes in your school. The kit not only guides you through making an assessment of your school's climate, policies and practices but it also outlines strategies that you may use to advocate for change, including posting a Safe Space Sticker or Safe Space Poster in your classroom or office.

Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools
Co-authored by NEA, this guide is a roadmap for educators and parents to provide safe and supportive environments for all transgender students, offering practical advice, field-tested tips, and narratives of real experiences from students and educators.

Creating Safe and Supportive Schools for LGBTQ Students
The National Association of School Psychologists offers a variety of resources about the needs of LGBTQ youth and ways to make schools affirmative and safe environments

Find out how other educators are leading in the fight for racial and social justice here.

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