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NEA President: Tim Kaine aces vice presidential debate

Pence defends the indefensible: Donald Trump’s divisive, dangerous rhetoric and bullying

WASHINGTON - October 04, 2016 -

Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence tonight squared off in the only vice presidential debate of the 2016 presidential campaign. NEA President Lily Eskelsen García issued the following statement:

“Sen. Tim Kaine tonight aced the vice presidential debate, competently demonstrating why Hillary Clinton picked him as her running mate. Kaine skillfully illustrated Sec. Clinton’s pledge to unite, not divide Americans, and reaffirmed her commitment to make sure every student receives a quality public education regardless of her or his ZIP code. He successfully articulated a positive vision for our country that is built upon hope and progress, not fear and insults.

“In contrast, Gov. Mike Pence spent the entire night trying to defend the indefensible: Donald Trump’s divisive, dangerous rhetoric, name calling, and bullying. Pence showed he’s lock step with Donald Trump’s scary vision for this world. A world where discrimination and intolerance based on gender, ethnicity and religion is encouraged. Trump has shown time and time again that he does not have the temperament or qualifications to run this country. His behavior should concern all of us. Mike Pence may think Donald Trump is a role model to our children, but America’s educators know better.

“On education, the Trump-Pence ticket would take the country in the wrong direction. They are proposing more of the same failed policies that many states and voters have rejected time and time again. They are clueless about what works for students and public education. Their signature plan – so-called school choice – does nothing to help the most-vulnerable students and ignores glaring opportunity gaps while taking away money from public schools to fill private-sector coffers.

“Educators know that Clinton and Kaine are our partners. They know what works for students and educators. The Clinton-Kaine team will always give educators a voice and seat at the table to not only build strong public schools but to create a stronger America. That’s why we stand with Clinton and Kaine.”

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CONTACT: Miguel A. Gonzalez, NEA Communications