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Paraeducator Institute Workgroup

Experts From the Field

To assist with the development of the Institute, NEA sought the knowledge and expertise of some of NEA’s paraeducator leaders and formed the NEA Paraeducator Institute Workgroup. To ensure quality, effectiveness, and relevancy, NEA believes it to be critical to involve the end users of any product in all stages of its development. NEA also enlisted the expertise and guidance of Marilyn Likins, Executive Director, National Resource Center for Paraeducators (NRCP) and Anna Lou Pickett, first Director and Founder of the NRCP.

Founding Paraeducator Institute Workgroup Members

2016-2017 NEA Paraeducator Institute Workgroup

Andrea Beeman, Special Education Paraeducator, Ohio

Maria Bennett, Instructional Assistant, Pennsylvania

Robert Browning, Multiage Classroom Intercessor, Arkansas

Sandie Carner-Shafran, Certified Teaching Assistant, New York

Jean Fay, Special Education Paraeducator, Massachusetts

Lynn Goss, Title I Reading and Math Intervention Paraeducator, Wisconsin

Leslie Lindberg-Harper, Special Programs Instructional Assistant II, Oregon

Doreen McGuire-Grigg, Special Education Paraeducator, California

Saul Ramos, One on One Paraprofessional/Braillist, Massachusetts

Mary Ann Rivera, Special Education Paraeducator, Illinois

Carie Sauders, Learning Assistance Program Paraeducator, Washington

Sharry Sparks, Building Paraprofessional, New Hampshire

Advisor: Dr. Marilyn Likins (Executive Director, NRCP)


Front Row/Left to Right: Maria Bennett, Doreen McGuire-Grigg,
Sandie Carner-Shafran, Carie Sauders

Middle Row/Left to Right: Marilyn Likins, Lynn Goss, Sharry Sparks,
Mary Ann Rivera

Back Row/Left to Right: Saul Ramos, Robert Browning, Andrea Beeman,
Jean Fay

Not Shown: Leslie Lindberg-Harper



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