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Getting Informed and Active

NEA Human and Civil Rights understands that education advocacy and social justice advocacy go hand in hand. Use these NEA resources on key social justice issues and toolkits to get active today!

Bully Free





Cultural Competency/ Diversity


How Educators Can Advocate for English Language Learners ( PDF, 955 KB, 44 pgs)

This amazing guidebook is the latest tool in our advocacy arsenal for educators, families, and community members who need practical strategies and step-by-step instructions on fighting for the rights of America's fastest-growing student group: ELL students.



If you do not currently have DACA and are considering whether to apply for it for the first time, we recommend that you not do so at this time. If you already have DACA and are considering whether to apply to renew it, immigration authorities already have the information on your original application, so there is less risk in submitting the renewal application.

"Super DACA Defenders” Comic book in English ( PDF, 773 KB, 1 pg.) and Chinese ( PDF, 813 KB, 1 pg.) created by student Ben Kaibin Xiao with the support of a NEA MCOP Department Grant.



 Legal Issues for School Districts Related to the Education of Undocumented Children This booklet discusses 13 legal questions commonly asked by school board members and school administrators related to undocumented students.

Your Students and Immigration Raids: What You Can Do Advocate for policies that protect students, see how to share rights information with students' families, and discover more tools to respond to students' needs. 

Download the poster:


Dreamers Welcome (JPEG, 1200 x 1575)






A student’s chances for success should not depend on living in the right zip code, winning a charter lottery, or affording private school.  Use these resources to help ensure that every has child equal opportunity and access to a system of publicly funded, equitable and democratically controlled public schools:


download, print, and share the postcard:

watch the Video:

A Tale of Two Children. Two Zip Codes. Two Outcomes. Time for a Change. (2:22)

take action:

EdVotes Opportunity


NEA members unanimously adopt plan to address institutional racism in our  schools and communities.

read the strategy:

New Business Item B 

watch the video:

NEA Members speak out about institutional racism (4:21)

School to Prison Pipeline/Restorative Justice

Women & Girls

Voting Rights

take action and share the meme on social media:

Educators support latest effort in Congress to restore voting rights

NEA partners bring free voting rights to the classroom:

Teaching Tolerance Bridge to the Ballot
Democracy Class: Rock the Vote





Sample resolution and district policy that can be used as a template or guidance for local school districts to create their own Safe Zones resolutions.


Learn more about the work of educator activists in the fight for racial, social and economic justice in public education:

social media shareables

Find memes, videos, post cards, and posters to share as you advocate for social justice in your school and community here.

When A student Asks: Am I going to Die?

From Lily's Blackboard:

Hear from Flint, Michigan educators whose students have been drinking contaminated water - poisoned water - for over a year. Have they have been harmed in ways that might not show for years? Read more