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ESP Careers: Technical Services

One Education Workforce Serving The Whole Student!

About Us and Our Work

  • 51% of us work at school buildings, and 15% work at central offices or administrative centers.
  • 61% have job responsibilities that involve promoting school safety.
  • 28% work with special education students.
  • 94% work full time.
  • 54% of us are female.
  • 81% are married.
  • Our average age is 49.
  • 79% have attended at least some college, 31% have an associate's degree, and 28% have a bachelor's or advanced degree.

We are committed: On average, we have been working in the ESP field for 11 years. 85% of us plan to stay in the ESP field, and 62% plan to stay in our current jobs until retirement.

We are specialists: Over 60,000 technical services ESPs work in the nation's K-12 public schools, making up 2.8% of the U.S. K-12 ESP work force.

Our Workplace Conditions and Issues

We need job descriptions that reflect both current technology and our responsibility to keep up with it. 15% of us do not have a job description.

 Electrical panelAmong those who have a job description, 21% think it does not accurately describe what we do.

56% of us have no input into updating or changing our job descriptions. 59% are often or sometimes asked to perform duties outside of our job descriptions.

We are worried about privatization. 17% of us report that technical services are being contracted out in our school districts.

We often perform support services for many different individuals and departments. We need clear, consistent policies that address issues that arise over scheduling, priorities, and the use of overtime.

To keep our skills up-to-date, we need ongoing access to training and professional development.

We appreciate our job benefits, but we'd like better wages. We enjoy the freedom we have to decide how to do our jobs and the personal fulfillment we get from our work. We'd like better opportunities for professional development and in-service training.

How We Help Make Public Schools Great For Every Student

We are at the center of all efforts to maintain high standards of technology and communications in great public schools. We install, repair and upgrade vital computers and networks that enable the timely communication of essential information between parents, school district employees and students.

We mentor students, teachers and staff in the use of the lastest technologies and are continually learning about the trends and innovations in our field. Sharing this knowledge directly contributes to student success in our rapidly changing world.

MouseTechnical Services: Who We Are

  • Computer Operators and Programmers
  • Systems Analysts and Data Processing Specialists
  • Media and Public Relations Specialists, Writers, and Editors
  • Designers, Photographers, and Graphic Artists
  • Audiovisual, Language, Science, Mechanical, and Electrical Technicians


Visit the ESP Publications page and download a copy of the Who We Are brochure to learn more about ESP Careers!

How We Advocate For Students