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Education International’s Unite for Quality Education Campaign

Unite for Quality Education is a campaign of Education International. The campaign, built upon the three pillars of quality teachers, quality tools, and quality environments, was launched on October 4, 2013 in Paris and New York. This is the EI’s largest ever mobilization of member organizations and of their members and of supporters of quality education worldwide.

The main objectives of the campaign are:

  • raise awareness among governments, inter-governmental agencies and society generally that quality public education for all is one of the fundamental pillars of a just and equitable society;
  • demonstrate that privatization undermines public education and is detrimental to the interests of society; and/li>
  • ensure that the free, universal quality education goal is a central part of any global post-2015 Development Strategy, with EI at the forefront of those leading the implementation of the strategy.

The official theme for the campaign is “Unite for Quality Education – Better Education for a Better World.”

Be sure to also visit the Education International’s Unite for Quality Education website!

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