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New Teachers

New Educators Campaign

The top reason new educators leave the profession in the first five years is because they don’t feel supported. We seek to help new educators make the transition and become successful. Through this campaign, the union will not only provide new educators with tailored professional support, but will cultivate a loyal relationship by demonstrating its relevance to new educators at the start of their career..

Advice and Ideas

Top 10 Tips for Beginners

A veteran teacher shares advice about she's learned from 10 years in the classroom.

Management Tips for New Teachers

How to manage both student behavior and the physical learning environment.

Oh No!

Everybody makes mistakes, but you can learn to avoid new teachers' five worst. 

Tools and Ideas for New Teachers 

From closing the cultural gap to crafting a memorable portfolio.

33 Ways to Start the First Year Off Right

A little planning pays big dividends.

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Resources for NEA Members

School Me is made specifically with new and early educators in mind. We know those first few years can be extremely challenging, so we’re sitting down with accomplished educators to discuss their unique techniques and best practices, and to get their invaluable advice in the form of blogs, podcasts, and tip videos.

NEA edCommunities is a place where teachers, parents, school support professionals, and community members share ideas and resources to improve student success.  It is free and open to all!

NEA Member Benefits is dedicated to making the personal and professional lives of educators better through “best in class” programs and services.

Throughout the year, the NEA Foundation awards $2,000 and $5,000 grants to support NEA members' efforts to close achievement gaps, develop creative learning opportunities for students and enhance their professional development.

Works4Me is a weekly email of the best tips we've culled from our community of educators.


Find over 10,000 complete Common Core-aligned lessons from our 130 Master Teachers on BetterLesson.

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NEA state affiliates regularly lobby legislators for the resources schools need and campaign for higher professional standards for the teaching profession.

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