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Why Organize?

Our union is about educators standing together for our students. By joining the National Education Association, you'll be part of a strong, united team that's making a difference for America's children.


Unite with Us in Three Steps
    1. CONNECT
    2. EMPOWER
Step 1:  Connect
Talk with an NEA charter school teacher about how and why teachers decide to join together in a union. Call 1-844-818-0632.
Step 2: Empower
Plan how to empower and involve a majority of your colleagues in a campaign to form a union where you teach.
Step 3: Negotiate
Legally organize your union and start discussions with your employer for a contract agreement that spells out the conditions you need to do the best job for your students and maintain the unique, innovative character of your charter school.  

Forming a union means teachers sticking together as a group so we can speak with a powerful voice for our students.

In order for teachers to be heard, it’s often necessary for us to join together so our charter management organizations take our concerns for our students seriously.

By uniting in a union, teachers gain a seat at the table to negotiate with our charter manager organizations on issues like length of school day, pay and benefits that will keep talented colleagues from looking for other jobs, planning and prep time and other issues.   

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We invite you to join the team that's dedicated to creating great public schools for every student.

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