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Opportunity for All

Do you know a school where we must fight for equity and opportunity?

We want every educator, principal, parent, and community leader to share their stories, because all students, regardless of where they live or how much money their parents make should have great public schools. Far too often, too many students attend under-resourced schools where they face devastating equity and opportunity gaps.

Does this describe your school?  Tell your story here:

Your story may be shared with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Education and with NEA leaders for whom equal opportunity in education is a top priority.


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NEA commissioned a current review of teacher diversity and ways in which efforts could create parity in our public school system. Find it here.


2014 marked the 60th anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education. See our complete coverage of the Brown v. Board anniversary and sign our petition to demand great public schools for every student.